Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Biking at Midnight...

Man & Machine:
1. Abhishekh and Pratibha on RZ (karisma)
2. Palat on Pulsar 180.
3. Sonal and Sneha on ZMR (karisma)
4. My brother and me on Royal Enfield (thunderbird)

Source & destination:
Kumarswami layout To Bangalore International Airport

Total Distance:
90.392 km

Stared at 1:30am and ended at 7:30 am.

Sony cyber shot 10.2 MP

My first time to Bangalore turned out to be one of the most amazing trips. I had no such destinations to visit on my calendar.
But however, the first thing on my list was obviously (for folks who are aware of my obsession) to go biking.
Seasons & seasons, I had dreamed about embracing the road as my home & to flock all the scenes it has endeared me upon – mountains, rivers lakes, & rains. But the adventurous soul needed some reality but with peace. During my Bangaluru trip my mind boggled upon various possible ventures, but none could tingle my adventurous bone except the night out Bengaluru-Tumkur-Bengaluru trip.

At night around at 1am, my brother and I roared down the thunder bird and raced for the gas station. It was however just 3kms away from the street we were living in. Tumkur is about 69kms out of the city in the state, on a major highway that goes from Bangaluru to Pune, crossroads right through the heart of the city.

The first thing we wanted to be sure was that we don’t run out of fuel amidst our tour. So a precautionary plan… we got our tankers filled to the brims with the greasy liquid ‘petrol’.
After we made all preparations for our bike ride… we started toward Tumkur road. We set our sights, bag & bike to reach our destination. With perfect spirits & perfect wind, we blazed through the road without much hesitation. The route is split between quiet roads through tress, passing street lamps and old houses & over gently rolling country roads. The roads were all empty and there was something enchanting in the breeze. The whole atmosphere was mesmerizing. We took a break of about 20mins in order to capture the beauty of the night.

We clicked some pictures and admired the mother earth with her beauty at its best. We were bowled over by the beauty. As it was 2am by then, we decided to continue with our rides. My elder brother and I were on Royal Enfield… although I am not very fond of bullets yet I decided to drive the bike for the rest of the journey. It wasn’t too hard for me to please my brother to sit behind me and allow me to drive ;)

I started the bike and drove with full energy. I have traveled many miles on a motorcycle, but I have never experienced winds like I did that day. The winds slammed into the bike and me. I must say that Bangaluru is a powerful place. Its ambiance grips you in many ways. It was a beautiful night the sky was covered with a blanket of stars of various lumens with that familiar but faint milky wave of millions of them clustered together many light years away in the background.

Suddenly what caught my eye was the sign board of police patrolling jeep on checking. It took me a while to realize that all my friends were standing there with the inspector. I could have accelerated and could have easily escaped but then you can never escape. Now days Police in India have an awesome networking. They come again and again; they are not scripted to a specific area anymore. They chase you no matter where you are and the longer you run from them, the higher you’re fine if you are pulled over. So I took an intelligent decision and I switched of the engine and parked my bike where the inspector signaled me.
Slowly my brother and I cockled towards our other friends near the inspector to know the scene over there. But there was something strange…
What surprised me was the reaction of the inspector… he was very astonished to see me… a GIRL driving the Royal Enfield..!!!!
The best part of the whole episode was the way he was continuously poking his senior about this :D
Due to security reasons the police denied us to go further on same route but as our spirits were high and so was our Petrol Tanks we decided to drive to Bangaluru International Airport.
We reached the airport by 3:30am. It was damn cold at that hour of the day.

Our bones were numb… so we rushed to the nearest coffee shop to sip something hot and sweet. We had an authentic south Indian breakfast on the food stalls and then bid farewell 2 all. Left the airport early, but was lost in the twists & turns of the city. After some crucial help from the auto drivers, we were able to find our way out. The climate seemed just about perfect with the sun shining between the creeks of the clouds & the sweet wind just about blowing as pleasant as ever. The return trip seemed getting passed by as early as possible.

As the trip ended, the bond between some passionate bikers & their machine became stronger & stronger. With a promise that we will conquer the roads till the last breath, we finally lied down to wear off our tiredness, at around 8:30am.


Dipesh Garg said...

hmmm... Passionate Bikers.. :)

Must be a Gr8 aDvEnTuRe..

amrita said...

sooo...enjoying your lyf.....
go ahead...God Bless U!!!!

Vijayanker Manocha said...

Well, dats soo osssumm of u Guys.. we used to travel on our bikes mostly to Shimla and Kasauli from Chandigarh!!
Nowadays, its ol busy nd hectic schedule.. dat makes us off from that 'lively nd refreshing' trips of lifetime.. :-/

But i can still rememba my Trip on bullet to Nepal.. But that will be nothing until i tell you the ride scenario..
My mom, dad, me + 3 huge bags , 1 Standard Bullet.. one ride of a lifetime!!

nishantky said...

yup , ride was awesome and something else too if you remember !!!

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