Monday, July 9, 2012

Rain and Me...

I don't spend enough time doing the things I should do. I am stuck somewhere between responsibility and dreams. I want to live life intensely, loudly, poetically. Instead I am walled off. Hidden behind of veil of strength and propriety.
Am I broken? Am I healing? Am I incapable of intensity? Have I lost my passion? Have I just become too strong? An impenetrable fortress? Am I worried about what others will think? Am I afraid of reflection? Of rejection? Am I afraid of what I will find if I dig deeper?
 I am afraid that I will be misunderstood. Rejected. Pushed aside for not being what is expected, undesired. It is scary to put your soul out there. I am in awe of those who are able to find the words, the brush strokes, the lens view, to truly show their view of the world, their soul, their inner most person.
I don't let that part of me out very often. I want to be brave enough to live without that fear of the rain.

I sit and watch
as the rain falls
 from a sky so dark and gray

Is this life
a crying sky if so,
not even I can fight

I'm tired of hurting 
I'm tired of tears 
I'm tired of being alone for all these years

I want peace
and I want love 
I want to break free
to fly above!


Anonymous said...

Kripya Vistaar Me Samjhayein :P

palak said...

awesome awesome awesome :) :) :) :) soooooo good like really :)

Brian Miller said...

sometimes breaking free is just a decision we have to make...and in doing so we find our dreams....though also our dreams often find us when they are ready...

kaykuala said...

You have done so, Madhu! Expressing it loudly for all to see has necessarily freed yourself off the shackles. You did one better, Ma'am, for not many had even realized it. Wonderful thoughts!


Pat Hatt said...

Yeah one must break free sometimes to find what they want, or to help what one wants to find them.

Prasoon said...

AWESOMENESS!!!!.... What a post!!

Your posts are unique and a pleasure to read. :) :)

nishantky said...


nishantky said...


Muhammad Israr said...

beautiful... and the title somehow reminded me of the Pitbull/Mark Antonio song... Rain over me... :)

saikat mbka ghosh said...

break free and one gonna stop u...... :)
btw happy post grad lyf........

Anonymous said...

U h'v written those words which many of us want to express but don't know how to express.

The 1st two lines and the last "I am tired above" was so touchy.

I believe that U have potential to do everything whatever U want.

carry on & Best Wishes

Miranda Kutsov said...

May I have a permission to use the first picture in this blog, the picture of an female kneeling in rain, to make a cover for the classic story that are being repost by the wattpad staff, "Wuthering Heights" which was orginally written by Emily Jane Brontë a old author of (30 July 1818 – 19 December 1848) Please reply asap before the deadline of Monday, August 26th 2013, 11:59PM PST (Pacific Standard Time) Thank you so much

-Miranda Kutsov

Madhulika said...

@Miranda: Please feel free to do so :)

Elani Venter said...


Your words... Wow.
Can I publish your words on my Facebook wall?
I'll obviously give the credit to you, with your name at the bottom of the post.
This is just too beautiful not to share.

Warm regards,


Madhulika said...

@ Elani: You can publish it on your wall. I would love that!
And yeah.. thanks for your kind words :)

Elani Venter said...

Awesome, thanks. Your words really resonated with me this morning... I'm always totally taken aback when a piece of my inside flows from someone else's pen. It's weirdly comforting :)

Keep writing xx

Madhulika said...

@ Elani: Sure :)
Also, do mind sharing the link of your post with me? (only if you are comfortable with it).
I would love to see it :)

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