Monday, September 26, 2011

As if I Care....

You can call me an old fashioned girl but that what I am... I am just so sick of people who keep finding faults with me... I believe that the best thing that you can do in life is follow your heart. I don't mind taking risks. I never take the safe and easy choices just because I'm afraid of what might happen. I don't have any regrets and I know that everything happens for a reason...

If people like me its good and if not then its even better...
But just for God's sake.. cant people stop making me feel that I need to earn their god damn piece of shit that they call love ??? errrrr...

I have been sweet to people all my life and yet they (intentionally or unintentionally) say mean words to me...
There are lot of people in my life who keeps giving me suggestions about how I should change myself and be successful in life... and trust me.. those suggestions are not worth anything...

So.. I wanna say this to all the 'pain in the ass' people who is making my life hell for me... "I could say a lot of things on your face only if I would have been ass holes like you.. But I am me.. so I respect your opinions (even if they are worth less)... I am glad you've got opinions. We're all entitled to 'em... But you know what... I never asked..!!!
So thank you so much for time and it would be wonderful if you people wouldn't waste any more of mine... Get the fuck out of my life fast...."

I am me, and I am okay with it. It doesn't matter what any other person thinks. My life is entirely mine…. I love being myself.

I take chances... in fact a lot of them. Because honestly, no matter where I end up- and with whom, it always ends up just the way it should be. My mistakes have made me who I am... I learn and grow with each choice I make. Let me live my life cause everything is so totally worth it.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Letter To Myself...

Dear me,

I am writing this letter to save you from all the tough times. I know you never really wanted to move here (Jaipur). Since the last three years all your friends and family heard was how much you wanted to move back. Back "home." Back to where you were born. But various reasons kept you where you are.

Now its all about the remaining few months and then you'll be back to the place you always wanted to be in... But, I know that leaving this place is no longer easy for you now. 'moving out' was something you always wanted... But suddenly the fear of moving out of this place is haunting you. I understand that you have spent some very memorable times of your life over here, this place has started feeling like home to you. But you have to be strong.. this is life and you have to leave many things behind.

Don't you remember how many things life taught you in the last three years... You have lost some of your best friends. Even the ones you thought would never leave. You grappled for days and searched for meanings. You examined your actions a hundred million times.

I know it hurt you a lot but now I want you to know that it will happen again and again. I am waiting for the day when you will realise that you have only behaved with utmost respect and you have only been the most sincere friend.

You have done everything you could. You will realise that the ones who walk away truly do not deserve your love. You will realise that time changes every single thing. You will also realise that some amazing people will enter your life, simply because you will eventually let go the past.

I know there are several things on your mind now and it keeps bothering you. But, I want you to Wait.... be patient, and find out what YOU want of life, not what someone tells you you want, and give yourself time to find YOURSELF. Love yourself first before loving another person - if you don't love yourself, you will settle for less than what you should have, because you won't think you deserve the best.

I wish you find your true love soon... and yeah... True love doesn't make you cry. If he makes you cry, don't stay with him. Find someone who can love you unconditionally and who doesn't judge you.

One day you will have the life that you have always envisioned of and then you'll finally realise that the only thing that matters in the long run is spending time with your loved ones and telling them that you love them a lot. You will also realise that laughing a lot, exercising, eating healthy,being kind to others as well as yourself and cherishing each and every day will indeed pay off.

So just let go... This all will not matter really fifteen years from now :)

Much love,

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Just Let It be...

Last few days I had been avoiding people (even my family..!!!) because there was something that was bothering me a lot. I spent all my time the last few days waiting for a chance or the break that would make it okay. But there was always some reason not to feel good and it was hard at the end of the day.

I needed some distraction or a beautiful release. So finally I decided to call up my friend because I thought she would make it easy for me (its always good to talk to friends when you are upset), she could make me feel empty and weightless :) :)

And Trust me... she had a mantra to deal with things which are beyond our control.
"Let it be" she says.

She offered no advice, she did not attempt to give suggestions and she did not even pass judgements about whether I was doing the right thing or whether something else ought to have been done. She did not sympathise and did not say "Life is unfair" or that the other person was wrong or that it is a bummer.

She just listened patiently instead and she said, "Let it be."

And you know what? Surprisingly it worked...!!!

So, the next time, when things go wrong, do not send out negativity into the universe.

Just let it be.

Do nothing.

Breathe deeply. Relax. Drink a glass of water (or hot chocolate). Go to a place which fills you with peace and comfort. Call a friend who exudes positivity.

But mostly, Just let it be :) :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

10 Weird Things I wanna do before I die ;)

Some days back one of my friends tagged me on facebook on a picture that said "what if you die tomorrow".. There was a hell lot comments on it... People were making their bucket lists that were pretty emotional ;)
But here I came up with my list :D I believe in being weird whenever you get the chance :P
So check out my weird list ;)

1. Getting hopeless, falling down drunk ;)

At least once in my life, I want to drink far too much and just let loose. Pour down the shots of tequila. Dance on the bar. I know drinking excessively has severely negative impacts on health (albeit a nasty hangover.) But still... it worth giving a try ;)

2. Singing karaoke

Nothing belts a good time better than screaming the lyrics of your favorite song in the company of folks who can't sing any better than you ;) (trust me.. I am an awful singer). Just be sure to load up on the booze (see #1 on this list) and perhaps stuff some cotton balls into your pockets for those "karaokers" who can't carry a tune to save your ears from splitting.

3. Get Lost in Foreign Country :D

I wanna think that I know everything when in reality I don't know sh*t ;) I especially don't ever prepare for ANYTHING because I've been harrassed and nagged to death by parents, superiors, authority figures. I just wanna be glad that I remembered my passport, f*** learning another language ;)

4. Sleep Through An Important Event

Well.. I have always been this 'good girl' who always manages to be on time... But atleast once in my life for a change i wanna sleep through an important event ;) May be my internal clock would get on the fritz. Or it would just be "bad luck". For once I want Preparedness not to be my strong suit. Saying, I got this when I don't :)

5. Get stuck in a jungle ;)

I feel getting stuck in a jungle with your someone special is something really romantic :) I wanna try meadow-crashing under an indigo carpet of stars <3 <3

 6. Experience weightlessness :D :D

Just floating around without feeling the force of gravity :), it is something you should try if you can. Flying is thrilling :) :)

7. See for myself that the Earth is round

The safest way is to sail in one direction and not stop until you’re back home. For a cheaper, albeit not quite as direct method, rise above the Arctic Circle around the summer solstice and spend a night and see the sun above the horizon circle. I for once wanna see that earth is round :)

8. Zorbing

Try Zorbing! You may have seen it, but i doubt many of you tried it . Creates a huge adrenaline rush. I find it kinda weird but yet.. worth giving a try before you die ;)

9. Skydiving

And of course, no "Things To Do Before You Die" list would be complete without a mention of skydiving. For reasons I cannot possibly fathom, skydiving has become the de-facto stand in for "crazy activity you do to feel alive", and as such has been included on every goddamned bucket list since 1984, placing it high in the running for "most hackneyed life-affirming action on earth".

10. Get arrested ;)

Nothing adds to allure and bragging rights faster than a trip to jail courtesy of the police car express. So you mooned a neighbor. Over consumed alcohol and flashed a friend. Or pulled a little breaking and entering to propel your career in pranks. Whatever the case, whatever the reason for handcuffs, getting arrested lends a colorful story to tell over and over again ;)