Thursday, March 31, 2011

World Cup Semi finals in Girls’ Hostel (India vs. Pakistan)

WHAT a match!!! Rocking, brilliant, spell binding, nerve wracking, nail biting- I just run out of adjectives...I don’t remember the last time, I screamed and shouted and literally lived a match..the combination was absolutely lethal; hostel common room, around 30-40 mad crazy paranoid girls, India - Pakistan cricket match, world cup semi final...there was no way this match could have been watched with sophistication. So gaalis flew casually and as each ball was bowled, there were screams and shouts. During the Indian innings, each ball was followed by a "HIT IT!!! FOUR...SIX...maaaaarrrrrrooooooooooooooo", and during the Pakistani innings, each ball was followed by a "PAKDOOOOOOOO....WICKEEETTTTT....DOT BALL. RUN OUT…!”.... (Of course there were loads of other things, which absolutely cannot be mentioned here)

some of my favorite moments:

1) one of the girls got a call in halfway through the Indian innings, the moment she left India lost two wickets (including Yuraj’s duck) and India really got into a struggling state at that point, so everyone forced her to hang up her phone and come back, she was there in the TV room during the India - Australia match and which proved 'lucky'. So after MUCH coercion (as her new bf was online), she did come back... and then she proved to be lucky once more! So needless to say, she’s going to be a permanent fixture during cricket matches now!

2) The run out; literally it came out of nowhere...and it was absolutely amazing!!!(Who was this? I have nooo idea now!)

3) Shahid afridi's wicket; OH MY GOD! From the very beginning of the Pakistani innings, everyone was damn scared and everyone kept on chanting "shahid afridi duck out...shahid afridi duck out" and the first ball was a wide. So Harbhajan Singh was screamed and shouted and sweared at. and THEN came the magical 'going to be a six' shot which turned out to be a catch and THAT was a time, when half the girls jumped from their seats and just JUMPED around!!! (Including yours truly)

4) Bhajji's charitable sixes: SUICIDE!!! Sheer suicide!!! god that man was screamed at and murdered a million times in those three balls and that was the time when everyone said "gone...gone gone gone" this followed by Raina's 2 sixes...depression took over the common room

5) Mizbah's wicket: one of the girls hated mizbah from the time he came up to bat...every time he would bat she would say "out ho jaaa...ho jaaa naaaaa"...and every time a Pakistani wicket would fall, she would say "mizbah hai na? mizbah out ho gaya?" and would be utterly disappointed when told otherwise...and all of us were absolutely convinced that he would NOT get out till the end...and when he hit that weirdest shot (it was absolutely so twisted), everyone's eyes were just fixed on the ball and everyone chanted "pakad le...pakad le" and THEN that glorious moment when India caught it- the common room positively erupted and hell broke loose! 40 girls running around, dancing, jumping around, hugging whoever they cud see...aaahhhhh! (I remember this- one of life's favorite moments)
it reminded me of the part in hp3 when Gryffindor wins the quid ditch cup and harry thinks "I wish there were demeanors here right now, I could have conjured up the best patrons"

All the paranoid girls started singing this random song which was apparently being played on the radio dhoni ke lambe lambe baal, dhoni ki sexy sexy chaal...dhoni dham dhama dham...ho dhoni dham dhama get the picture...

so my throat is completely gone, I was utterly exhausted from all the screaming, shouting and jumping around...but it was just sooooooooo totally worth it!!!


nishantky said...
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WhencuT Sra1 said...

I am eagerly waiting to read the next post
to know what happened when we will be winning the World Cup

Vijayanker said...

nice Girls.. Hope u hadd a blasttt after the WC final moment.. :)
.. the match whch u talked about was in my city only..:) soo much enjoyeyyedddd watchin it LIVE!
where is ur 'TV' room actually??;)

pinky said...

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Rev said...

Superrrrrrrr na even we had special screen arrangements in office itself so till 5 we had watched it wit sooooooooooo much crowd and scream!! wat a match it was!! will be in minds for longer time to cum :)

Prasoon said...

Lol!!!! Glad to relive the memory through this post. :):) Awesome post. Super like :) :)

manu uprei said...

Great blog comment.
In today’s scenario women’s security is one of the most important issue for any country especially for India.

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