Friday, June 15, 2012


'Time hits you hard on face when you realize how much you've been ignoring it'.
It's hard, it's so hard that its ripping me apart.
 I want to cling. Oh please, I want to cling.
Being a 10th grader, moving ahead was a bad dream,
Sitting for my last board exam in +2, it became worse, And the scariest of all nightmares was dawned upon me this year...
Oh, I wanna reverse time... can't I ? Just a little ? The May of this year was marked as the end of my graduation chronology. Moving ahead, leaving behind trails of memories has never been my cup of Ice-tea ( whhattt ? I hate tea! )
I fall in love with concepts as easily and as swiftly as an obese teenager gulps down McVeggies. And sadly I've fallen in love with Engineering, College and Hostel (Run and get some water if that hit hard) :(
actually the concept of being carefree and fun loving.

As a kid, I always heard my elder cousins talk about B.Com, B.Tech, BBA, BCA, MBA, M.Tech and what not and I always used to wonder "WOW, these Bs and Ms sound so awesome, I'll be one of these some day". I would have traded my army of stuffed toys for it, which was a humongous sacrifice for a 10 year old.


 And now, all I want is, to be back at hostel :(
 Moving out of hostel and facing the whole new world outside was scary. I lost my best friend in the process (totally his loss :D) and earned some of the most nicest loveliest beings on the surface of earth, with the string '24 CARAT GOLD' needled over their heart.
I have a lot to cherish, a lot to share today, but words are just not ready to move my way.

I have realized that no matter how much we criticize our college at the end we'll always miss it.

I'm not strong, I won't pretend, if this is the end, I guess i want it forever.
I MISS BEING WHAT I WAS WITH YOU ALL.. all you bitches of mine and all you pranksters, buzz me when this reaches your heart :)


palak said...

lovely :) :) :) missed ur wrk alot!! :) :)

Brian Miller said... will miss it...mostly for the people i have found...and it is nice to return occassionally and walk the grounds...was just at my alma mater this last week...and its fun to think back...but you will make new memories...

Irfanuddin said...

yes, you r times we all miss those days, those moments, those people....but this is how the life friends, new environment, new aims, new goals, etc...etc.......

Best wishes,

Pat Hatt said...

Yeah life goes on and new experiences occur, have to face it, but at least you can look back fondly too.

✿Sie✿ said...

it is scary sis..but we need to face reality as the days goes is a part of our growth and inner maturity..soon we can just look back and smile on the journey where we once was ;)

Bikramjit said...

definitely college time is the best time , at least it was for me and inspite of a decade ago I still miss it and I wud do anything to go back there

nostalgia indeed ..


Rahul Bhatia said...

Very sweet post, Madhulika:) One does miss the care free days of a college life!Best of luck for your pursuits in future!

obat mata minus said...

postingan yang baus tenatang"Nostalgia"

Pesto Sauce said...

Those feelings keep changing...I too thought like this once but now look differently when I am on other side of 30

Prasoon said...

You made me go back into the time.. I could remember my last day at college (Im an engineer also :) ).....

Oh man! I missed it so much.. Though i never stayed in a hostel but still..


Ash said...

Ah, college days, school days, childhood days... how I miss them too! Well written, captures the essence of nostalgia aptly!

Do stop by my blog sometime :)

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