Saturday, March 26, 2011

India-Pakistan World Cup semi-finals

The Indian and Pakistani cricketers are gearing up for the high-voltage World Cup semi-final clash, likely to be viewed by their prime ministers, the home secretaries of the two countries are planning a meeting in Islamabad for talks, including on the 26/11 attack.
Now days the social network sites are filled with congratulatory messages and prayers for India vs. Pakistan match at Mohali, prayers filled with PATRIOTISM that will go on for about a week now.

I saw a news on IBNlive that covered the general questioning session about the Indo-Pak semi final of a Pakistani women, she said very proudly,” We offered the JUMMA NAMAZ for our nation's victory in the match”.

It’s good to see people filled with all ‘patriotism’ for the semi finals but at the same time the thing that really annoys me is that people are making this match a political event.
The match at Mohali is just a match..!!! But we are not taking it as ‘just’ a match and the icing on the exciting cake came from the Prime Minister himself who has not only decided to watch the thriller at Mohali, but also invited Pak Prez and Premier for the same! Call it patriotism or diplomacy, the revelry amidst rivalry is more than needed.

Apart from all the political involvements, an India-Pakistan match is always a big money-spinner, and a World Cup semi finals clash is as big as it gets. Bookies and punters across the country are gearing up to run a show that is estimated to rate Rs. 5,000 crore on the betting circle as India takes on Pakistan in the semi final on 30th march 2011.

I simply fail to understand why Indo-Pak match is never just a cricket match on either sides of the border. Pak team is playing with India first time after 26/11...and the PM stepping in for Cricket Diplomacy was all the more expected...All in the name of patriotism perhaps (*awwwww*), Else why would PM go in the first place to watch the game himself? And surely he would be accompanied by members from his as well as opposition's political team...all cheering....India...India!! (lol)

I really pity that the patriotism on both side of the borders arouses only on moments like Indo-Pak match or Indo-Pak war like at Kargil. I just wish if for once the government and opposition united for the nation's benefit and uplift....

Anyways… all said and done, India you have to win the match not because it’s against Pakistan but for World Cup... and for me the ‘Mohali Semi Finals’ is just a semi final..!!!
World Cup is ours (with a sports man sprit of course).... Chake De India!!


Kathir said...

Hey very nice.. :)

Shashank Singh said...

Hi...Indian prime Minister came to the match not to enjoy the game. It was a very well planned move from the Indian Govt. India and Pakistan has such a history that everybody is aware of the fact that how dangerous and ugly it could turn in the end.The Indian Intelligence had intimated the Govt. about the possibilities of terrorist attacks. So, it was the semi-finals,very important for both the countries,so Mr. Manmohan Singh increased the security and he himself invited the Pakistani Prime Minister to watch the match (As people are aware of the fact that pakistan has always been naughtorious on any matter related with India), if they plan to do so then Pakistani prime-minister will also be at risk(so, by default ISI or any Terrorist group who has the support of Pakistani Govt. will not tend to take any terrorist activity against India in the name of cricket )

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