Monday, August 27, 2012

Me and My Dissociative Identity disorder

Blame it on the Gemini syndrome,
Blame it on the high efficiency of getting bored easily, 
Blame it on the restlessness,
Blame it on the air, 
Blame it on PMS!! 


 Things done yesterday look stupid today!
weight lost yesterday looks anorexic today!
speeches spoken yesterday seem maudlin today!
accessories adorned yesterday seem Christmas tree today!
Focused work of yesterday looks like time waste today!


Those Yesterday seems perfect Tomorrow!
Its like encircling in the same place! 



 If you are a conscious Jekyll and Hyde,
you eat different flavoured ice cream everyday!
you confuse yourself and other people!

You are suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder..!!! 

 But its fun baby.. 

 For me... 

 My five Avatars: 

 The Good Girl Mode

The Messed up mode

The Marie Curie Mode :P




So... what are your avatars???


Anil Choudhary said...


Pat Hatt said...

haha it's all a matter of our mood and perspective most days.

Brian Miller said...

haha you dont know what you will get one day to the next...there is a little allure to the unpredictable though...smiles.

Red Handed said...

We all are schizophrenics actually!!!

Mrsupole said...

I think they say that history always repeats. So every day I repeat the same mistakes, which means that I could have a different avatar every few hours. But it is also what makes life so interesting. If we were the same every day then we would be bored to death. And as long as things change then we learn and we should always learn to keep moving forward in life.

You just do the best you can and that is all anyone can ask of you. So you go girl, you are awesome.

God bless.

rivercat said...

being normal probably sucks worse

DiDi said...

lol i change from time to time. what can i say,i`m Only Human..

Bikramjit said...

:) my avatars oh well , I got loads it seems , BUt not SAGE .. no way , I have to try that one sometime


palak said...

Supa like :) lol awsm post :) mine is messed up mode ryt nw :D

Life Unordinary said...

Hey you, didn't realize you were back!! I remember reading that you're taking a break. welcome back.

Rahul Bhatia said...

Lovely composition of poetry , Madhulika!

Anonymous said...

Send me an email ;) I cant find your email-address..

R. Ramesh said...

haha i like rivercat's comment: being normal probably sucks worse

R. Ramesh said...


Anonymous said...

luv the three pale skinny guys singing trio- :]

can relate to the girl crying and the girl
hugged by the bookshelves in the library.

Anonymous said...

I do have different personalities, but all agree to the same logical goal/ideas.. just that the way they work towards it are different.

Thankfully, none of them take any ethically wrong route.

I don't think I can classify it as DID/MPD yet.

Btw, what is Gemini Syndrome?
According to my birth date, the constellation readings do say 'Gemini', but seriously.. I don't think that any planetary/star position can have an effect on a person's personality or gives a rats ass about it.

I have seen people who say they are Gemini, but have personalities totally different/dumb from what is mentioned in so called Syndromes.

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