Friday, September 14, 2012

Thank You Note For My Weirdest Friend :)

Dear Bhalu (Read it as Raghav) :D

I guess i should start this note with the fact that you're an amazing friend! ( not just me... all your friends feel the same for you) we've known each other since a long time now and you don't believe me but you've changed. You're way sweeter now and your voice gets seriously low and humble while talking to me. You have a newfound respect for yourself  and you understand me more than  most of the people ever could.

Thank you for being a different friend than everyone else, different from the friends who are only there for the fun things, the art museums and shopping and benders and brunch. Your relationship with me is something no one can ever understand (maybe because at times we ourself get confused) ;)

 You were there when I was happy, and you were there when i thought i didn't know who i was anymore. Thank you for believing in me when I was too weak and exhausted to believe in myself (the night before my SSB). Thank you for pushing me, for repeating those affirmations that don’t mean anything in inspirational films but mean everything when someone like you says them. Thank you for not judging me when I did something really stupid, but understanding that i am lil insane *giggles*
Thank God that you tried to smile :P

I really love it when i do something really stupid and you take is so damn lightly as if it was pretty natural and also for telling me that people should be full of life (like me ofcourse).

 You were there to cheer me up and defend me from people that i didn't understand (i guess you know who i am talking about *angry face*) . I want you to  know that i will definitely do anything for you because no matter how different we are, we're still friends. Please know that i will always be there for you (I am just a phone call away honey). 

I know that i torture you a lot... like the way i tortured you for a bed time story and then for a song and then for a chocolate and then to carry my bags and then for a road trip and then for a..... hehehehe.. the list is endless ;) I keep calling you weird.... but you know what... the real fact is that i am weird too (way more weird than you... sacchi) and i guess thats what makes this so beautiful between us.... :)

Thank you for doing all the things a real friend does, for letting me complaint about every irritating element of my life like how my plaster made me uncomfortable, or how bad my hostel warden was or how people gossip about us.... No matter what it was its always nice being with you. 

 Thank you for always knowing who I am and reminding me of that when I forget. 

Thank you for being genuinely concerned for me and always listening to me even when you’re tired ( though you are not very expressive but i know you care). Thank you for telling me the things no one wants to hear and sparing the bullshit advice. I can’t think of many other people I’d actually take a bullet for :)

Thanks for all the great memories, long talks, silly fights, and laughs. Thanks for being there through my ups and downs. Thanks for being the sweetest friend I could ever have ( You owe me a chocolate for this line dude ). Thanks for being true, and thanks for being YOU. 

Much Love,



Raghav said...

Hahahaha.... Hey bhagwan bacha lo mujhe... Neways thnks a lot, m really touched.
Keep smiling always

Brian Miller said...

pretty cool friend you got there and cool as well your anknowledgement of it as well...

Pat Hatt said...

There was a rhyme at the end haha and sounds like a wonerful friend.

Pesto Sauce said...

Diamonds are common but good friends are lucky to have one

jnana said...

What a sweet note :)

✿Sie✿ said...

you are blessed sis to have a good friend..true friends are hard to find ;)

Bikramjit said...

hey how are you long time no see and you have not posted either


Adhi Das said...

good work...GOD<3U

seo24 said...

It is a great idea. It can be the best way to giving thank you to a friend. by saiful

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