Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Be Original... Be Yourself..

Perhaps it's the inherent human nature to try to fit in with the multitude and so we all wear masks in this fancy-mass party to conceal our true selves underneath, sometimes deliberately, trying to embellish ourselves in the eyes of the world. We act like mirrors reflecting to the desires of others, of what they want to see. And sometimes we allow ourselves to be bullied into silence, just to be accepted into their group.

But sometimes we wear our masked face for far too long that we soon forget who we truly are.
Being bewildered by our dualities -- wearing one face to ourselves and another to the multitude --, we may one day, even fail to recognise which one of the two is the real one!
To keep the mask on is like deceiving not just others but also ourselves.
We forget that we all are so disparate; we forget that each one of us is unique.
Each one of us has some flaw or imperfection and it's no shame to accept being oneself and no one else.

Everyone fits in somewhere. It is a possibility that we mayn’t fit in with some people ... but then, in the words of Andre Gide ~
It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for something you are not...

Why can't we just be ourselves? Doing our own thing and not worrying about others judging us? Why can't we just dance like no one is watching, or sing like no one is listening?
If we could just be ourselves and not follow the crowd..., bringing forth our true selves, not trying to assimilate ourselves into the crowd... instead, just being ourselves...; accepting no one's definition of our lives, rather defining ourselves! That would indeed make life worth living :)

After all there is only one unique "I/Me" in this world!

"You were born an original. Don't die a copy" ~ John Mason


Anonymous said...

awsom dear

mann kr

Anonymous said...

This is an insteresting post that totally match the way most of us live. It is sad but your lines are a great reminder to concentrate on being who we are instead of trying to fit in a costume that is not made for us.

Being somebody else last a time, one day we have to get the mirror and face our own reflection or we are sure to loose ourselves.

Love the last quote! Yes there is only one copy of you, me , him and her and that's for the best! That's what make life an enjoyable and lovely journey.

Mukesh Kumar said...

Well said Madhu :)
Start with what is right rather than what is acceptable....Always be Individual.

Madhulika said...

@MarieHarmony: You said the right thing that one day we have to get the mirror and face our own reflection... But however... what really bothers me is... will that day ever come??? what if we die even without realizing who we are or what we were meant to be..
I just cant get it why we try to get respect from everyone else when we ourself doesn't respect our existence...

@ Mann Kr and @ Mukesh Kumar: Thanks a lot..!! :)

Mrsupole said...

Lots of truth here.

I think right now that there is such a need to be in the limelight, even if it is just the one around you. When we once lived without TV, movies, outside entertainment, or celebrity, people probably did not think as much about pretending to be someone else.

Maybe that is why so many are turning away from their God. When we face our God, we know that our God sees us as we are inside and not as we pretend to be or make our outside look. Plus I think we are afraid of what we might find when we go deep inside and see our true selves. Then comes the fear that others will see it and not like what they see, so then we put the mask back on.

Fear is a very controlling emotion. Great fears have great control. Only through finding a greater belief than ourselves will we be able to face our fears and let our truths come shining through for all to see. I also think we only show the truth to those we feel will love us when and if we show the truth to them, and we have great fear of losing any love if they do not like what they see. I think most of us have this fear and when we meet someone who does not then we see such a glowing about them. These are the ones who have totally given their body and soul to their faith in their God and oh how I wish to someday be able to do this. I think if that day ever comes then I will just feel pure joy and love, I think this will happen because I will then lose the fear.

I am not sure why I feel this way but I somehow know that is what makes these people different. They have no fear, just trust and love. I just wish we could all feel this. The world would be a wonderful place if this were to ever happen.

God bless.

rivercat said...

when men stop wearing ties and women makeup or for the transition if men wore makeup and women ties that would be good.when i look in the mirror i see lady gaga and wish i was justin beiber

maria.anna said...

nice post. it's a thought to ponder.


Madhulika said...

@Mrsupole: beautifully said... :) :)
yeah... i agree.. life with no fear and with lots of trust and love would be what we call "perfect"... facing your own-self is the biggest challenge in the world..

Madhulika said...

@Rivercat: That is my point dear... Why aint you happy being what you are??? why do you wannabe someone else....
Why don't you realize that there is a justin beiber already in this world.. but there is just one single "you"... so respect yourself and above all.. LOVE YOURSELF just the way you are :)

Sie said...

First time on your site..I have been invited here by Marie Harmony and it is indeed a good post..

All of us are created to be unique and it would be better if each of us would stand out of who we are..some people tend to copy other people because they are afraid of being ridiculed by other people so they tend to go with the flow..but in the end when we are who we are..their is always a certain uniqueness given to if you want true happiness then don't who you are :)

Sie said...

followed you as well..I'll be back so keep posting :)

Rajesh Kumari said...

nicely written,it is true that we find always double faced people around us in this world.i am totally agreed with your thoughts.very good thoughts.never underestimate yourself, think positively, express yourself as you are.have confidance in yourself.thanx to visit my blog and leave your precious comment.keep in touch. god bless you.

Miss Sheikh Chilli said...

but u know only ur loved ones deserve the real you! That's what I think

Asma Khan said...

Dare to be who you are... Love it... “It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for something you are not...”
Stay Blessed

Nona said...

Interesting thought. Reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend. According to him, we all wear masks. It is necessary (the reasons to which are very selfish and a bit complicated to explain in the comment section). But it is also necessary to take of the mask with someone you trust. So according to him, there are two circles - one for which the mask is on and the other mask is off.

I do not endorse his views. But it is also an interesting viewpoint.

Brian Miller said...

def a thought provoking post...i would rather people know and love me for me than to live a lie and fear it one day slipping...

Anonymous said...

Tell that to the people who invented the Multi Universe Theory -.-'' but yea we all are way more absorbed in becoming something we are not and trying to get accepted by society that we do forget who we truly are

kaykuala said...

Ms Madhulika,
It is important to know oneself and be oneself. You said it so well. Thanks for stopping by. You are welcomed.
P/S signed up as your follower


Arvind Mishra said...

Quite Thoughtful!

Padharo Rajasthan said...

Very well Written note !! Thanks for dropping by Padharo Rajasthan !!! Looking forward for more !!

Alka Gurha said...

So thyself and be thyself.

veerubhai said...

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rivercat said...

yes,Usually family is good to each other , but there are also very special extra good family relationships too. :)

nishantky said...

Sorry Baby disagreement here :-

You are always on the path to improvement so changing is never wrong in fact
"Change is the law of Nature "

The point raised is simple : there may genuinely be fault with personalities and acceptance is first step towards improvement.

Anonymous said...

Hey this post very much relates to a poem I have recently written.. Im not an adept writer like you... but dunno why.. just feel like sharing it anyway:)
I may yell at you once,
And wink at you,next!
Dress up like crazy,
To showcase me best!
Speak sensibly at times,
And gibberish, oh yeah!
Love letting out secrets,
And fondling with my pets.
Prance around in heels,
Scream out in giant wheels!
Lollygag to my best,
to screw up the class test!
bubbly,crabby and chirpy,
Yeah, im all topsy turvy,
But everytime to be "me",
Feel as proud as I can be!


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