Saturday, August 20, 2011

Here comes my first award.. :)

While checking the comments on one of my posts, I came across this one "hi,you are tagged here!" Initially I couldn't understand what exactly it was.. but when i checked out the link.. I GOT MY FIRST AWARD..!!
Woooooooooow, receiving my first Blog Award by Gowthami Nandigala was just like getting a Temptation bar in a horror dream. I mean, for once, I though, what, really, shit, yeah :D
Honestly, I was awed a great deal :) :*
This Award being first one to me, deserved a separate full fledged post and I'm glad to pen it down here :)
So, as per the rules, (these rules, being different from the exam rules, are quite fun, lol), Here I go:

Link Back to the person who gave you the award: Done above :)

Share 7 random Things about yourself : Umm.. this one sounds pretty exciting. Well, here it goes:
1. Funny, witty, slapstick comedy is always a treat to me. Though there's a fine line between being vulgar and    funny :P
2. I love gol-guppe like anything. And I wonder how people hate this melt-at-lightening-speed-in-the-mouth-dish!
3. I love shopping especially when it is for clothes and bags and shoes. JUST WOW.
4. If I love someone, I love him/her with everything I have and vice versa.
5. Nothing gives me more pleasure than being with my loved ones, they complete me, anyday!
6. I like counting stars at night and discovering different constellations simultaneously. That Pole Star is like a cherry on the top for me :)
7. I kind of enjoy long drives with slow soul warming music. It's the best remedy for any disturbing element, trust me!

Moving on to the next one,

My Favorite song: There are loads of them, seriously, I keep changing my taste and my playlist in installments ;). Still, I'll say "Everything I do, I do it for you" by "Bryan Adams" and "Every time we touch" by "Cascada" for that matter! :)

What piss me off: Dishonest, double standard, jerks, wishy washy and people who try to insult others.

Biggest fear: Well, losing my loved ones. Apart from that, Bring it on, baby! :P

Best Feature: As my friends say, My Dazzling smile :) *blush*

I wanna share my bloggers award with my friends for their words which once touched my soul and nourished it inside out, You made me smile :) I feel heavily honored giving away this award to the very deserving. Here are few of those magical people. I love them all anyway!

Phewwww...!! I did it :D

Well... Order doesn't matters... and yeah You people write really well.. So.. Please accept my prize as a token of love and keep writing..!!


P.S. I hope you know the rules of receiving an award (share some facts about yourself and spread the love) :)


Anonymous said...

he he. the same i was thinking when i read her comment. so cheers. but i love babies. why do u fear????????? they are so innocent having a cue smile he he

Brian Miller said...

nice. congrats on the biggest fear is something happening to my fam as well...and #4 is a great quality and the way it sould be...need to look up that food in #2 always open to trying new things...and thank you for thinking of me...smiles.

Sie said...

congrats Madhulika..thank you..honestly is the same award I got for the third time hahaha..thank you so much Madhulika your so sweet..but no worries I will answer your questions still ok..though oh my the entire world knows a lot about me already..but a little bit of info. again won't hurt..but I'm sorry I can't pass it anymore because I have passed that same award to them..but I'll do my assignment on the questions past ok..thanks again Madhulika :)


Pat Hatt said...

Awesome you deserve the award and wonderful list too, thanks for the acknowledgement as well, glad my rhyming can be fun, once again nicely done.

Mukesh Kumar said...

Congrates Madhu... :)

SUB said...


Anonymous said...

Receiving and Giving Complements and awards are Best Feelings..

and Yeah Sharing em definitely feels G00d


Anonymous said...

I'm so surprised that I dont know what to say.. How did I get on that list.. Thank you :) and Congratulations :)

Madhulika said...

@some unspoken words : hehehe.. yeah :)
and congrats to you to baby... even you got this award..!! so go ahead and share some random things about you ^_^

@Brian Miller : Thanks a lot :) :) and ofcourse love has to be that way, so when you love someone give your 100% :)
BTW.. "gol guppe" are a local snack in India. I aint sure you'll get it over there or not :( but if you ever come to India or visit any Indian parties over there, you'll get it for sure ^_^

@Sie: well in that case.. Congrats on your hat-trick honey ^_^
you really deserved it so I shared it with you, you need not say thanks to me for it ;)
will be looking forward for your assignment :P

@Pat Hatt: Your are welcome... and yeah.. I love your blog, especially your sense of humor :)
and now.. since i shared this award with you.. you gotta do your assignment part on sharing random stuffs about you and sharing this prize too ;)

Madhulika said...

@ Mukesh Kumar: Thanks a lot :) :)

@ SUB: Thanks and I am glad that you passed by my blog :) stay connected ^_^

@ Ege: Thanks sweety :) You got on the list because you deserved to be there.. so now go ahead and complete your 'recieving award' assignment ^_^

Sujatha Sathya said...

congrats Madhulika. came here thru Gowthami n Nona's blogs. a very well deserved award

Gowthami Nandigala said...

Congrats Madhulika...u deserve it :)

I love ur blog and it's interesting facts about you!


Madhulika said...

@ Sujatha Sathya: I am glad you found a way to my blog.. it means a lot to me...!!
stay connected..!!

@ Gowthami Nandigala: Thanks a lot honey for giving me my first award... Love you bunches...

~Serendipity~ said...

Congratulations for the award sweety :)
I know how overwhelming it is :)

kaykuala said...

Ms Madhulika,
Congratulations for getting the award! You deserved it.Funny, witty, slapstick, I like that. I see a lot of that in your writings. I endorse on the long drives, with wind sweeping your cheeks ( that split second when you unwind the glass for the feel) And thanks for including me in the list!

Muhammad Israr said...

congrats on receiving your first award...wish you many many more awards...:)

Anonymous said...

yeah i m thinking what to say about me? btw thanks to u..

vargas12 said...

Nice blog you have;)

Best wishes from Norway!;)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! And thanks for passing it to me - It's so nice of you....I am amazed how by clicking one button we get to discover new lives, great people and inspiring words, we get to develop friendships and spread the love across frontiers.
Have a wonderful Sunday and thanks again Madhulika.....xxxxxx

Sh@s said...

Congrats! on your first award. Just stumbled by. You have a sweet blog.

Madhulika said...

@ ~Serendipity~ : Thanks a lot honey.. and yeah it feels really great to get an award :)

@ kaykuala : Thanks a lot for always having time to drop by my blog... It means a lot to me :)
and.. you deserved the award so you got it :D

@ Muhammad Israr : awwwww... thats sweet :) Thnks a lot Israr..!!!

@ some unspoken words : you are welcome honey <3

@ vargas12: I am glad you liked my blog...!! Thanks for dropping by :)

@ MarieHarmony: well.. really.. technology has changed our life a lot.. it has made it easier to find good people all around the globe... I am glad we found each other :)

@ Sh@s : I am very happy that you found your way to my blog..!!! Its always great to hear from people like you :)

Nona said...

Congratulations. Thanks for passing it to on.

Sie said...

hello Madhulika..done..I'm so glad to be of help to you :)..

Priyanka said...


And I love gol guppe too:D In any form...

Jyoti Mishra said...

Congratulations !!!!

Brian Miller said...

smiles...guess i will just have to go to india for a party then... and thank you for the birthday wishes...

Arvind Mishra said...


Sie said...

ok the awards are there yehey..glad to be of help sis..with ChaCha *blink*

vaneneng said...

OMG!!! First of, congrats Madhu!:D and second, I'am really surprised that I'm one of your choices for this award, THANK YOU girl! ^_^ This is also my first and I feel so privileged to be included in your list.. :))

I just saw your comment today because I wasn't active for the last three weeks due to some major changes in my life.. But anyways I really appreciate it and again thank you so much! <3

More power to your blog and keep on inspiring us with your stories and randomness.. always be blissful Madhu.. Godbless! Mwaaaah!

-much love, Vaneneng

Mrsupole said...

Congrats to you on getting this award. It is a truly awesome feeling to get your first award. I remember my first, as I think most all of us do. Then to give them to others is just about as wonderful of a feeling. I think the great thing about bloggyworld is that everyone becomes a wonderful companion in our journey through this world. And we even reward each other for being there with us. How cool is that?

Thanks bunches and I will post it soon on my Mrsupole's Place site. I will let you know when I do. Thanks again for thinking about me.

God bless.

PS...can I come to the party you throw for Brian. I want to try those "gol guppe" thingy's too, well as long as there is no fish in there. Gonna go look this up.

Mrsupole said...

Looked them up and was funny story about the "stomach ache" problem. They sound interesting and so many varieties to choose from. But they do sound like fun for a party.

God bless.

Madhulika said...

@Nona : Thanks and welcome ;) You deserved it anyways :)

@Sie : thanks a lot sis... love you bunches..!!! mwwaaaccchhhh...

@Brian Miller : You are welcome... :) whenever you plan to come to India just inform me... ;)

@Arvind Mishra : Thanks a lot :)

@vaneneng : You are welcome honey... You deserved the award so you got it.. you dont need to thank me for that ^_^
now.. you just gotta do your assignment part of getting the award... *hugs*

@Mrsupole : You are welcome :) do inform me whenever you post it on your blog.. I would love to see it on your blog :) :)
and yeah... you are welcome for the party... drop down any-day you wish and we'll have a blast :)

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