Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Things my Blog deserves to know about me :)

I so adore making lists :) Here I come up with one :) Certain very beautiful little HONEST instances of my life have been enlisted here so that I can read it when I become a granny and laugh my heart out thinking how crazy I was :D

1. I panic a little when I get in to elevators/lifts. I am always in a hurry to step in/out, because I have a weird fear that I may not be fast enough and the doors will close and I’ll be stuck all alone!

2. I love the feeling that hungry version of me experiences when I see my food arriving at a restaurant. :D

3. I love it whenever I find my dad online and we chat.... Dad finds typing little tough in a qwerty keyboard, yet he does it for me.... I am so proud that I taught him to chat :)

4. I am very particular about thanking people for any service… say staff in restaurants, supermarkets, shops, on the road…anywhere. And notice it when others forget/refuse to say “Thank you”. It always irritiates me a lot.

5. I like people instantly if they are thoughtful enough to hold the door for someone behind them at a mall/movie theatre/metro station. I think its very sweet :)

6. I love receiving instant replies to texts sent after 2 AM.

7. I love people-gazing in public places. I love to study faces, and more often than not, end up comparing how many faces are “naturally” pleasant and how many people are smiling.

8. One new message on Facebook makes me much more happier than 10 new notifications.

9. I love balancing a light switch and then celebrate my little success with myself :)

10. I love to try going back to sleep hoping to complete my incomplete dream ;)

11. I love it when i sleep on a messy bed that's piled up with books and wake up to find myself on a neat and tidy bed with a blanket over me.. oohhh mom.. how can I love you more :) :)

11. I love to smile when I send you a smiley. Sending an emotion and not an emoticon is the sweetest thing life taught me. :) (Yes, I did smile).

Have a wonderful day..!!!
*Hugs* :)


Anonymous said...

Great enlisted small happy moments of life yet the biggest..

Mukesh Kumar said...

Great to know about the things that make u Happy and its really a wish that in the coming life too u may get all those things which are capable to keep smile on ur face always.....forever... :)


The Dreamer said...

Hehe what a cute list :)

Madhulika said...

@Dreamer and @mukesh : thanks a lot <3 <3

Mrsupole said...

Writing down your thoughts to save for years later is such a good idea. I think that is why when people read their diaries many years later, they see how much they have grown and changed. If you keep copies of your blogs then it could be a type of diary. Plus if you ever have children and grandchildren, then they will have fun reading about your thoughts. They will also realize that you were young once and went through a lot of the same things they are going through. They will then think Mom, or Granny was so "cool".

Have lots of fun while blogging and speak things from the heart. Life is wonderful and sharing about it is special.

God bless.

Arvind Mishra said...

Humanity defined!It can!t be better anymore... :)
Thank you!

Priyanka said...

Awww... this is so cute:)

Vishakha said...

aww..u r such a girl ! :) God bless u sweetheart !

Brian Miller said...

how cool you taught your dad to type and can connect with him like that...and i smile too when i leave my smiles with each comment...

nishantky said...

And Getting stuck in washrooms was not mentioned ;)

and smiles , they are just too tough to handle

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