Saturday, September 3, 2011

10 Weird Things I wanna do before I die ;)

Some days back one of my friends tagged me on facebook on a picture that said "what if you die tomorrow".. There was a hell lot comments on it... People were making their bucket lists that were pretty emotional ;)
But here I came up with my list :D I believe in being weird whenever you get the chance :P
So check out my weird list ;)

1. Getting hopeless, falling down drunk ;)

At least once in my life, I want to drink far too much and just let loose. Pour down the shots of tequila. Dance on the bar. I know drinking excessively has severely negative impacts on health (albeit a nasty hangover.) But still... it worth giving a try ;)

2. Singing karaoke

Nothing belts a good time better than screaming the lyrics of your favorite song in the company of folks who can't sing any better than you ;) (trust me.. I am an awful singer). Just be sure to load up on the booze (see #1 on this list) and perhaps stuff some cotton balls into your pockets for those "karaokers" who can't carry a tune to save your ears from splitting.

3. Get Lost in Foreign Country :D

I wanna think that I know everything when in reality I don't know sh*t ;) I especially don't ever prepare for ANYTHING because I've been harrassed and nagged to death by parents, superiors, authority figures. I just wanna be glad that I remembered my passport, f*** learning another language ;)

4. Sleep Through An Important Event

Well.. I have always been this 'good girl' who always manages to be on time... But atleast once in my life for a change i wanna sleep through an important event ;) May be my internal clock would get on the fritz. Or it would just be "bad luck". For once I want Preparedness not to be my strong suit. Saying, I got this when I don't :)

5. Get stuck in a jungle ;)

I feel getting stuck in a jungle with your someone special is something really romantic :) I wanna try meadow-crashing under an indigo carpet of stars <3 <3

 6. Experience weightlessness :D :D

Just floating around without feeling the force of gravity :), it is something you should try if you can. Flying is thrilling :) :)

7. See for myself that the Earth is round

The safest way is to sail in one direction and not stop until you’re back home. For a cheaper, albeit not quite as direct method, rise above the Arctic Circle around the summer solstice and spend a night and see the sun above the horizon circle. I for once wanna see that earth is round :)

8. Zorbing

Try Zorbing! You may have seen it, but i doubt many of you tried it . Creates a huge adrenaline rush. I find it kinda weird but yet.. worth giving a try before you die ;)

9. Skydiving

And of course, no "Things To Do Before You Die" list would be complete without a mention of skydiving. For reasons I cannot possibly fathom, skydiving has become the de-facto stand in for "crazy activity you do to feel alive", and as such has been included on every goddamned bucket list since 1984, placing it high in the running for "most hackneyed life-affirming action on earth".

10. Get arrested ;)

Nothing adds to allure and bragging rights faster than a trip to jail courtesy of the police car express. So you mooned a neighbor. Over consumed alcohol and flashed a friend. Or pulled a little breaking and entering to propel your career in pranks. Whatever the case, whatever the reason for handcuffs, getting arrested lends a colorful story to tell over and over again ;)


Anonymous said...

Wowww... It feels great to list out the most weird things to do before we die...!


Anonymous said...

I came down your list to beeing arrested, then I laught..

So what are you gonna do to get arrested, and just in cause you happen to survive your death, it cant be somthing that will bring your life more down..??

But for me, if I die tomorrow, I wouldnt go out doing a lot of stuff. It would have been enough to get a last kiss.

Anonymous said...

@Ege: like. *last kiss*

Rachit said...

out of your last wishes the one to experience the zero gravity and see the earth is spherical got me crazy too.. hope someday I gets the opportunity of a lifetime to fulfill them. Best wishes for your wishes too.. :)

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Madhulika said...

@ Ege : Its about the weird things that i wanna do ;) so getting arrested is worth giving a try.. :)

@ Rachit : Thanks dear... wish you wishes also comes true :) :)

Pat Hatt said...

Most of those are doable. The last one I'd be careful with though, wouldn't want to get thrown in jail in say some strange foriegn country..haha

Nona said...

hmmm. That sure is a good list of weird items. :)

Sie said...

hahaha..Madhulika and you made me laugh hahaha..I want also to be lost in the jungle with "quiet angel"..but an island would do or anywhere even on a foreign land as long as I am with him and my kids hehehe..wahhhhhh weird I don't want to be arrested scary huhuhu..*hhhuuuggggssss*..I'll just hug you first before you go behind bars hehehe :)

Anonymous said...

Your list is definitely a funny one.......Karaoke done for me, you should try it is so much fun when you sing wrong (like me!) you'll get yourself arrested at the end, might not be a bad option cause I think you'll be too tired anyway to do anything else and in prison at least you'll be looked after........give me a call before I'll give you a warm hug and a great book to pass the time!

R. Ramesh said...

haha super duper post.enjoyed 2 wish could join u haha..

Tapan Suhalka said...

really...amazing choices but also add one from my side........try to achieve 99% marks in the next semester... i am sure that u will be shocked after getting the result..... :)

SUB said...

wow...that's an awesome list...loved the last one :)

Priyanka said...

Lol, now THAT's what I call a perfect list:) Now, regular lists are boring. This rocks:)

Bikramjit said...

:) hmmm nice lsit .. but why get arressted thats not right ..

the reast well all the best DO THEM.. I would say why wait for the time to come to die .. they can be done now ..

skydiving is wonderful I assure you that ...

Jyoti Mishra said...

I'll rate it as a perfect weird list :D

Madhulika said...

@Pat Hatt : Getting arrested will be a great story worth telling again and again ;)
Do give it a try ;)

@Nona : hehehe.. Thanks ;)

@MarieHarmony : hmm... sure ;) its sooooooo sweeeeettt of youuuuuu :) :)
by the way... how was singing karaoke ??

@Sie : well... i am glad my weird list made you smile.. Keep smiling :) :)
Getting lost in a jungle is romantic as long as you are with your loved once.. and trust me.. getting arrested would be even more fun ;)

@R. Ramesh : hehehe.. sure.. You can definitely join me ;)

@Tapan Suhalka : its a list of 'weird' things i wanna do and not 'impossible' things :P
99% in Rajasthan Technical University is MI ;)

@SUB : LOL... Thanks.. You are welcome to join me in the last one :P

@Priyanka : Thanks a lot honey :) :)

@Bikramjit : getting arrested can be great fun.. worth giving a try ;)
and yeah.. i'll do it right away as soon as i get the chance ;)

@Jyoti Mishra : Thanks a lot honey.. and yeah... you can join me too ;)

P.N. Subramanian said...

Yes we need to experience everything even if considered taboo by the society.

Tapan Suhalka said...

take it as a weird thing...because it seems like that...just try it once.... :)

Ed Pilolla said...

first of all, the photos you used are hysterical, beginning with the falling down drink. i was nearly falling down laughing. this event will come to your life soon enough:) and if you are like me, it will never happen again.
get stuck in a jungle, you're crazy:)
get arrested, i have done that, non-violently for animal rights. one of my most proud moments.
i want to zorb someday, too:)

G.N.SHAW said...

truly if it may happen , then some things beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I like your super-exciting, thrilling, awesome bucket list. It would be my bucket list too!

Nice blog and a neat, clean and organized look. :)

Arvind Mishra said...

After all that I think even death would avoid such daredevil persona !

Kunal said...

Points 1, 3 and 5 - Done and Dusted :P
6, 7 and 9 would be so awesome..
Wish you luck for the same...


Brian Miller said...

ha. def an interesting list..a few i would not mind...the jungle and city would be stressfull but fun for sure....arrested is really not a lot of fun...worked in a jail once...

Madhulika said...

@P.N. Subramanian : exactly... I believe in doing everything at-least once ;)

@Tapan Suhalka : I would love to see you enjoy it dear :P

@Ed Pilolla : Falling down drunk must have been fun ;)
and yeah.. next time whenever you are about to do something that would end you up in locker than do call me up :)

@G.N.SHAW : Thanks a lot :)

@ajay : Thanks a lot dear..!! and if it has turned out to be your bucket list as well then do join me up... ;)

@Arvind Mishra : hehehe.. thats the sweetest compliment :)

@Kunal : Thanks a lot dear :)

@Brian Miller : well i dont really wanna go to the jail for long... But yeah.. One night at a lock-up would be great fun ;)

Mrsupole said...

I hope you get to experience some of them and some I hope you never get to.

Please be sure you are with people who will watch and protect you if you ever get hopelessly drunk otherwise you may regret this wish. Although that might be a great time to try karaoke, but make sure someone makes a video of it. It will be embarrassing and fun to watch. Only get lost in a country that you as a female will be safe, very safe. Only sleep through an important event that will not harm those you love. Jungle's are not fun, stuck in one, even less so, well unless you like lots of insects. Lived within 50 feet of one for two years, trust me on this one. I truly hope you make it to outer space, way cool, same with zorbing and skydiving.

Now as to getting arrested. Please take this off your list. Oh so many reasons to NOT think this one is fun. How could I even begin to tell you how much this one would change your life. None of it for the better. So here are a few to think about. You could get raped, raped by male or females in there. It would go on your record for the rest of your life. It would affect what jobs you would be able to get. It would disgrace your parents and family. You would have to go to the bathroom in front of those in the cell with you. It is freaking scary and not any fun at all. I could go on and on about this one, but if it was in another country, one night could turn into one year or more. This is not a weird wish, this is a life changing wish. Not one I would wish upon anyone. I have seen people changed forever after just one night. I truly wish you could know what this one thing does to people.

Anyway, having fun is the best thing one can do in life for their bucket list. Just enjoying life and being as happy as often as one can with having no regrets that one constantly dwells upon.

I think "bucket lists" are for those who sit around wishing, instead of living life and doing. If you are happy doing things, then you have no need for a bucket list.

God bless.

Pesto Sauce said...

Thats a long list of stuff you wanna do...hope you get to do few atleast

Tapan Suhalka said...

hey...add one more.....decide to get kidnapped by a friend of yours...don't forget to tell your parents.....enjoy the day as much as you all the night....just go for it.. :) :) :)

Madhulika said...

@Mrsupole : Oooohh.. I thought that a night at a lock-up would be great fun.. but i must admit that you scared the hell out of me :( :(
You are elder to me and obviously more mature, so I promise that I would try to get into the locker.
Thanks for always having time to drop by and drop your valuable comments.

@Pesto Sauce : Thanks a lot :) :)

@Tapan Suhalka : hehehe.. great idea Tapan ;)
so when are you kidnapping me??? :P

Sh@s said...

Kool list. Hope you get to do all and add a few more to the existing one.

Brian Miller said...

ha mrsupole is the best...i think the spirit of your list is having fun which i think is an essential ingredient that many for get to include in their lives...

äмän ♥ said...

Hahahha Me also wanna do 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 10 :D i wishh..

The Dreamer said...

Let's go karaoke :D

Brian Miller said...

happy friday! hope you have a great scratching any off the list? smiles.

aakash said...

This post can lift anybody's mood.
Bucket list, pheww.. I'll do this someday for sure, I just wonder how did you manage to restrict it to 10. :P

I seem to have conquered a lot in your list though. 1,3,8,10 done. And 5,7,9 borrowed ")


Madhulika said...

@Sh@s : hehehe.. sure, I'll add on some new things to this list for sure :)

@Brian Miller : hehehe... having a great weekend but nothing to scratching off the list ;)
You too have a great weekend :)

@äмän ♥: :) :) do join me up while doing it ;)

@The Dreamer : I would love to do that :) :)

@aakash : LOL.. doing 1 must be funny for sure ;) do share the story someday :P
I would love to catch up when you make your bucket list :) :)

Anonymous said...

isn't 6 and 7 kinda the same thing?:P If you do 6 in a certain way 7 can be accomplished :P

kaykuala said...

I just had a good laugh. Shouldn't be taken seriously.Some light moments like this is good for health!


Kumar Bibek said...

Wohoooo....Nice list. My Fav: Experience Weightlessness...

Center Shocker said...

Actually madhu it does really help. Time heals things. sometimes we just have to "let things be" rather than over-react.

U've got a nice blog. awesom backdrop!! U've earned ur self a new follower!!

ارتقا حیات said...

Nice Blogاچھا بلاگ ہے جی۔۔۔۔۔۔۔

Anonymous said...

Sleeping through an important event----CHECK
Over boozed-----CHECK
Arrested?? Let leave something for tomorrow..

Anonymous said...

lol make a lot of vanilla pudding and put it in a mayonaise jar and eat it in public

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