Saturday, October 15, 2011

Nothing is Random (Guest Post 2)

First, I would like to say thank you to Madhulika for inviting me to do this guest post and congratulate her as well on achieving the 100 followers. That is quite the milestone. I did not even want to start blogging, but at the encouragement of a friend, I did. If you look at my numbers now you probably would not believe it, but after nine months of blogging I had 35 followers. It was not until well into my second year of blogging when it really caught on and I figured some things out.
Mostly my early pieces are stories or tidbits of life but then a year and a half into my blog a commentor challenged me to write poetry. I had not written poetry since college, but tried my hand at it. Two years later, I have been published, featured in magazines, won the Twitter Art award in New York, performed pieces on stage, co-created several successful online poetry venues, the current one being dVerse Poets Pub.

Life can be funny like that, twisting and turning in directions you never saw coming. Not only is this true in my blogging world, but it holds true in my every day walk around life as well. I am nowhere near where I thought I would be at 38, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Everything that I have gone through, every high and every adversity has helped mold who I am today. Through it all I do hold onto a truth and that is "Nothing is random," everything happens for a purpose.

I chose a poem to share with you that I wrote almost eighteen months ago. It is a favorite of mine that I often go back to and reread for a little encouragement of my own. I hope you enjoy and congrats once again Madhulika.

Girl On The 7:15 Train

across the body packed aisle
of the 7:15 train,
unbelievably, our eyes meet
and i read a poem,
in their endless green.

i would write it for you
but then it would be
open for interpretation,
twisting what makes them
truly spectacular, into dross.

that's what we do
with poems &
other beautiful things,
deconstruct them until
all that's left is old
shoe boxes full of
miscellaneous parts
and no way to put them
back together again.

doors swish open with a hiss
of compressed air & we
exit, going our separate ways,
me to work, you
snuggled tight to your
mother's shoulder &
i twiddle my fingers,
deciding to keep your eyes,
an unfathomable green,
only for me.

P.S. Thanks a lot Brian... I totally loved your effort to write this post for me.... Much love :)


its me!!! sharan :) said...

first..congratulations Brian on your success, i might be congratulating you after ages, but since i came to know about those things now I am doing this right now..

Well about the poem, I totally loved it..the style in which you described the whole thing between first and last paragraph...

stay connected!!!
its me!!! sharan:)

Dipesh Garg said...

great post brian.

Loved it.

DIDI said...

Congrats Madhulika, 100 followers is no Joke.i`m proud to be 1 of them.:)Lovely Poem too.

Brian Miller said...

who is this guy and what is he saying...ha...glad to see i could serve you mahulika in writing this to celebrate yours 100 which is just a milestone...only gets better from here....thanks again for the honor...

kaykuala said...

It seems true to me too! I was just writing about things and suddenly there were none to write about. I struggled on getting materials but it just dried up until someone suggested poetry. Now I'm having fun! Never tried anything like it before. Still crude in my structure and phrases no accolades but I just couldn't care less!


Mrsupole said...

Hi Brian,

Funny how I have been with you through most of this journey and have watched you grow. You write from a place in your soul that most of us don't even know exists. You lay it all out there for the world to see, letting us see and feel things that without you we would not. You have become an artist of soulful poetry. Truly a wonder and I am so thankful to have been here to see you grow into it.

God bless.

Cloud Nine said...

Great poem Brian! Happy to know you transformed from titbits to poems...Now may be,i should follow your path;)

SUB said...

lovely poem :)

check out my new blog at

Pat Hatt said...

Great poem Brian and nice tidbits too, even though most I knew..haha

Muhammad Israr said...

congratulations... i think i should have written poetry to get published ;)

Anonymous said...

Lovely poem, like the rhythm and the story unfold perfectly in front of our eyes. Well done Brian and all the best for the future!

Brian Miller said...

hey thanks for the love...will tag a link in the morning on my post madhulika...mrsu you make me smile...really you are like my blog has been a fun journey...i think your poetic pasts may have been some of the first i read...and still remember your freedom seed...

Prateek said...


Anonymous said...

What prateek said

Bikramjit said...

Lovely poem , i liked reading it ..


Daanish said...

a good one.

Ed Pilolla said...

a truly beautiful poem. i see why this is special to you.

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