Sunday, October 2, 2011

Woo-hoo..!!! Celebration Post..!!! :) :)


Actually, I got to 100 followers today all excited {triple digits for this lil ol' thing?? really ??}

I feel like taking a moment to celebrate the readers of this blog. You guys! I don't much acknowledge that more and more people are finding Madhulika Speaks a cozy space to drop in on, and that makes me happy! Some of you know me personally, and a lot of you just via the blogosphere. I love sharing little pieces of my life, my family, and my endless projects with you, and am glad you enjoy it.

Truth is, I'd blog even if just for myself because I get to babble everything here :)
But it's fun to have a growing readership, and really fun to occasionally run into someone who tells me, "I read your blog!" :D :D :D

I really Love all of you and I want to tell you people that its because of you that this blog has become so dear to me :)
Seriously, it is.

So I was thinking what I could do to celebrate 100 followers...

I could always give $100 to one of my subscribers?

Nah. That's stupid. I barely have money as it is, why the crap would I do that?

I could always give my 100th subscriber a steak dinner?

That's even dumber, why would I treat my subscribers to a steak dinner? I rarely have a steak dinner. ;)

So after careful thinking, I have decided to give a proper Indian lunch to ANY ONE of my followers whom I get to meet personally (I know its crazy, but its fun).

And apart from the lunch I am also looking forward for at-least two guest posts from my followers or any (random) reader of my blog..!!!

So, if anyone is interested in writing a post for my blog then please come forward and become a part of my celebration.. I would really LOVE it...!!!

Please contact me to show your interest by dropping a mail at

Hoping to hear from you soon :) :) :)


P.S. -   I'll post the guest posts by 8th of October :)
P.P.S.- Because of your overwhelming response to the guest post, I have increased the guest posts from Two to Five..!!!! Love you all loads..!!!  


Denial said...

Wooahh! Congrats and Cheers!

Brian Miller said...

nice...ok chances are we may never meet so i am out the lunch...but i could guest post for email me and let me know what you want and i will put it together...

Madhulika said...

@Denial: Thanks a lot :)

@Brian Miller: You never know... may be you'll get the lunch someday :) :)
Do check your mail :)


Hey...give me ur where about and get ready for the lunch...:P

BTW..congrats...i know how nice it feels having 100 friends out there....wish it gets added up more n more in ur list there....:)

Red Handed said...

hey Congratulations!!Ceebrations!!Paaaarddyyyyyy!!!!!
You deserve it all coz your blog has an attitude of itself and make sure you keep it that way!
Btw ur PS has a typo error i guess. SEPTEMBER??
Anyways congratulations again!!

Bikramjit said...

I am surly interested in the INDIAN LUNCH yummmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyy when when he he he

congrats on the followers You are a celebrity :) well done


Madhulika said...

@IRFANUDDIN : hehehe.. sure.. do drop in to Jaipur anytime and I'll take you for lunch.... :) :)
Thanks anyways :)

@Red Handed : Thanks a lot dearo....
I rectified the error.. :)

@Bikramjit : *blush* *blush*.. Thanks a lot..
and for the lunch.. you gotta come down to Jaipur :)

Cloud Nine said...

Clap, clap, clap! Congos dear girl:) You have a wundaful blog here and i am happy to be your follower. Wish you with more success and God Bless! Lunch??? That sound great, but am stuck in TN:( Jaipur will surely in my next 'must visit place':P Good work!

Cloud Nine said...

And baby...i forgot to say, am your 100th follower!!! Yayyyyyyyyyy!

Anonymous said...

Hehe congratulations :)Maybe you just could just name your followers on a plogpost?

I plan to celebrate when my pagecounter shows for example 10 000 or 20 000 or...

Pat Hatt said...

Congrats on triple digits and yeah I'm way to far away for a dinner, so can't be a winner. A guest post in rhyme, might be a scary chime..haha

Day-Dreamin' Optimist said...

My dear, you left me an encouraging note on my blog the other day, about praying. I wanted to thank you for that personally, so please go see my latest post because it includes you ;)
Also, so glad to have found your blog! Looking forward to what more you post!

nikhimenon said...

i was yur 100 th folower..when i reached here yest,i found t to be 99,so thot of making it 100..!
gud blog neways

ChaCha said...

Wow!! Congrats Madhulika! and wishing more followers to come :)

Sie said...

weeeeeee..Congratulations sis..I love to meet you in person hehehe..but your sooooo far..I'm so happy seeing your ok made me smile :)

Kumar Bibek said...

Hmm, Sounds interesting... Vegetarian?? :)

Madhulika said...

@Cloud Nine : Thanks a lot.. and no issues about the TN thing... whenever you come to Jaipur, just let me know ;)
and yeah... sorry to tell you but you were 99th :)

@Ege : Great Idea Ege.. I'll definitely do it some day :)

@Pat Hatt : hehehe.. The world is really very small.. you never know ;)
So.. if by any change we get to meet... You can have the lunch ;) and yeah... rhyme wouldn't be a crime ;)

@Day-Dreamin' Optimist : Thanks a lot for your post.. it was really very sweet of you.. I am glad you found out my blog :) Hope to see you around :)

@nikhimenon : In that case.. a BIG thank you :) :)

@ChaCha : awwwwww.. thats sweet :) thanks a lot sis :)

@Sie : Thanks for being so thoughtful Sie. Its always nice to hear for you whenever i go 'missing' from the blogosphere. Love you loads... and yeah.. we are definitely meeting up in your marriage ;)

@Kumar Bibek : hehehe.. lunch does not necessarily mean vegetarian.. but yeah it entirely depends on what you wanna have ;)

Muhammad Israr said...

hey...congrats...may you have a million millions followers :)

and its not fair..undue advantage to indian followers for lunch? :( what about the rest of the world?

i am lazy but i will be happy to guest post if you like...:)

nikhimenon said...

yu are welcome....
will be a regular reader frm now on.....
reading ur old posts now...
btw loved yur post on ur dad....a genuine one indeed

Madhulika said...

@Muhammad Israr : Thanks a lot Israr... That was really sweet..
I would love the guest post... Please drop a mail to me regarding it at :)

@nikhimenon : That was indeed very sweet... It always feels great to find some great bloggers like you... :)
I guess its just the starting of a great blogging friendship :)

Anonymous said...

Lol, dinner to one of your followers? :P And that, ladies and gents how every horror movie starts :P

PeeVee said...

Pop the champagne, bring out the glasses!!
*doing the duck dance*

Erm, that celebratory wishes, in case you didn't get it:D
Anyway congrats girl and send over a packet of chocolates for me instead of lunch:P

P.S: Lots of people have already offered but if you still want a post, mail me about what you want:)

Madhulika said...

@albusclosethedoor : Its isn't a horror movie :(
I will really take any one of my follower for lunch :)
Even you can be that 'one' ;)

@Peevee: Thanks a lot dude..!!
And of-course I would love to have a guest post from you... will be dropping you a mail shorty :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! That's a second - we hit 100 the same weeK!
Time to celebrate with a good meal and Champagne!! Would have said yes for guest blogging but I am away this week, so I don't think I will have time to write something but will look forward reading what others have to say.


Mrsupole said...

Congrats on the 100th and I hope you get to meet any bloggers who live close to you.

I will make you an offer, if you ever make it over here to So.California, I will take you to lunch at In-N-Out Burgers, and if you do not eat beef, they have grilled cheese sandwiches for vegetarians. They opened an In-N-Out Restaurant in Texas, and on opening day the line was over 5 miles long. Or if you want to go somewhere else that is fine too. And then we can make a cake for dessert. After that, you will never have fear about making another cake. Just kidding, we'll get one from Costco, yummy.

Congrats again.

God bless.

Madhulika said...

@MarieHarmony : Congrats to you too :) :)
I would have loved a guest post from you.. but I understand that you are busy...
so, may be some other time :)
Thanks a lot anyways :) :)

@Mrsupole : awwwww.. Thats really very sweet of you :) :) I'll definitely come down to California some day... cant let such a great offer go in vain..
So, you better be prepared becuase I am drop in any time ;)

Bikramjit said...

ok on my way.. will hold you to that ..


Madhulika said...

@Bikramjit : waiting ;)

kaykuala said...

Congratulations, Madhu! You came by only recently but you've always been there since. Thanks for the company!

Since the lunch is a standing invitation you'll be overwhelmed (reading from the response in the comments)

Care to tell us later who's the guy to savour the tandoori, masala and resam with you!

When I was in Safdarjang Enclave, Delhi, years ago, we used to go for grilled fish at one of the many al-Frescos in the evenings. We would ask for'Charr coke' (there were 4 of us)and 'charr thanda pani' or was it 'grum pani' (I meant warm water but I got my hot and cold mixed up now)

Thanks for the memories!


Anonymous said...

congratulations..I would have loved to come to lunch :P :P :P, but unfortunately we don't know each other sad :( :( :(

The Updater said...

Wooo hoooooooo!! I stepped in at the right moment, at the right place :D
New to your blog, Madhulika :)
Keep up the great work :)

Anonymous said...

Hey congrats! :) It surely calls for celebration! Count me also among your followers :)

Ed Pilolla said...

as to lunch, i'll settle for you never know. congratulations on the followers. if you haven't already found your guest posts, let me know what you're looking for.

Life Unordinary said...

I will taka ya up on the lunch offer one day missy:) keep up the good work.

beanizer_05 said...


i'll prefer chocos if you have..dark ones, please send them to Ms. Sie. I'll claim them personally from her. Alright? Thanks!


ur achievement has added fuel to my flame of expressions..
congratulations !


congratulations !

Nona said...


Rahul said...

Congratulations for the century!!

The Tame Lion said...

Excellent! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

@Mad umm I really don't see that happening, cuz firstly I don't follow your blog through subscription, i follow it by visiting every now and then :P secondly, different countries u see :P thirdly: Yes, just give a stalker a lunch and you'll see what horror movie i am talking about P

BlackLOG said...

I hit 100 followers the other day - only I didn't because no.99 managed to appear twice...I feel cheated....

Madhulika said...

@kaykuala : Thanks a lot :) :)
I am glad you enjoyed your time in India. And yeah.. "thanda" means cold while "garam" means hot ;).
I hope this will help you not messing your hindi words ;)

@jayendrasharan : Thanks a lot.. and the lunch offer is for any one of the follower whom i get to meet personally.. so it can be anyone :)

@The Updater : Thanks a lot for passing by... Hope to see you around :)

@ajay : Thanks.. and yeah.. i am counting you also as my follower.. so you see.. you qualify for the lunch... lol ;)

@Ed Pilolla : Thanks a lot Ed. it was very sweet of you. I'll drop you a mail shortly :)

@Life Unordinary : waiting ;)

@beanizer_05 : hehehe.. okay.. who knows... may be i'll give those chocolates personally to Sie ;)

@AJAY HAZARI : Thanks :)

@Nona : Thanks... :)

@Rahul : Thanks :)

@The Tame Lion : Thanks a lot dear..!!

@albusclosethedoor : well.. You follow my blog, it doesn't really matter how.. so you are still in for the lunch... :)
and.. India is a great place for tourist attraction.. so may be you can drop sometime.. or who know.. may be i will come to your country some day... world is too short you see ;)
As far as the stalker is concerned... why to feel so negative?? may the person I give a lunch party turns out to be a great human being and may be I would get a great friend :) Be positive dude.. Life isn't that unfair... :)

@BlackLOG : awwww.. that was bad :(
But don't worry... I would love to complete your 100 for you :)

Anonymous said...

Lol right now Pakistan is not a tourist attraction, more of a journalist attraction -.- But yes the world is a small place after all :P

The Dreamer said...

CONGRATS :D I'd only wish I had as many followers as you <3

Stranger !!! said...

Haha.. People ! They suck. They are not happy with anything you do. They give you advises that even they don't follow. Take those worthless brats out of your life. As simple as that :) Nice read, BTW.
Simple yet pretty expressive writing, I must say !

R. Ramesh said...

y only irfan for lunch? what abt us? haha...hey thanks ya...jus joking..

Manoj said...

Courageous invitation to your reader!!
I am thinking you haven't more excited about your followers, more of them might came here to increase their blogs popularity :-).

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