Tuesday, July 26, 2011

'Change' is the only constant thing in life...

One fine day
I stepped into this evil world
met beautiful people
befriend them
I loved them
and ,they rained their love back at me
years passed by,
some quietly moved away,
some fought battles,
while some stayed,
the latter hurt the most.
they stayed,
they changed,
they expected more,
they loved irrespective,
they broke up,
they patched up,
they hated,
they hated even more,
and more,
and one day I lost them forever.
I surprise my own self
when I miss you and
don't have the nerve to admit this even to my bare soul !


Mukesh Kumar said...

Nice one....
Friends r precious so never let them out from ur life as time passing on...bcoz they r d one who always cares 4 u...

Carry on Madhu...
I always wait 4 ur blogs :)


Madhulika said...

@ Mukesh: Thanks a lot... Its always nice to get feedbacks from you...!! Keep reading and commenting...!!

Pat Hatt said...

Wise words in this one. yes change always does come, but those friends that are true, will still be around, no matter the distance or time apart.

Madhulika said...

@ Pat Hatt: Yeah.. with time i am learning who are true friend :)

Anil Choudhary said...
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Mrsupole said...

When my daughters were young like you they would tell me that nobody was as important as their friends. I would tell them that throughout life many friends will come and go but your family will be with you always. They thought I was crazy at that time, but now they understand. Someday when you meet the right person, you will find that everything you do revolves around him and if you marry, have kids, then you will really be spending time with them. The same will happen to your friends. It is life. Life changes. You change. They change. It will be wonderful to grow in life experiences and you will still see some friends, but they will never again come first. You will see, change is good.

God bless.

Madhulika said...

@Mrsuplose: May be you are right.... but only time would clear these doubts :)

Center Shocker said...

@madhulika nice poem

@Mrsuplose u're bang on target, I've always help this thought. Am just 21 lotta my friends dont understand this; team me blasphemous ..

Prateek said...

Life is beautiful, isn't it.
"All relations never lasts." Principle of Life.

jlgill said...

Check out the flow and move with it. life is change and change brings about adjustment. life will be less stressful and more productive with a positive attitude towards change and development of sharper skills for adjustment. since life itself is change it cannot go on without it. to embrace life to embrace change. ones greatest pride should take place in ones ability and willingness to take on the challenges, and make healthy adjustments to change.

Brian Miller said...

sad to lose such dear friends, to see them move on with life it can be so painful...everyonce in a while we can reconnect...and that makes life all the more beautiful...

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