Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Was it Love Or Illusion..

There is a question in my life I cant find an answer to... May be you people can help me...
I don't even know where to begin but this is all started when he first met her. A simple, sweet guy with a huge smile on his face and dat too came when she entered the room. A girl with a calm and shy face, lots of expression was there on her face at a time. I think she was a bit nervous and excited too. She came in to the room and just then this guys came by her side and said "Hi!". She replied nicely and took her seat. I don't know if he noticed it or not but I did, everytime he turned his face to her, a smile came on her face. He was so indulge in himself and his work that he couldn't notice that smile and shine on that girls's face. days passed by and they became good friends. She started to see a new place coming up in her life for that boy. People started to blabber lots of things about both of them.
As usual, when you are right, you don't care about the world. I heard someone saying dat " Don't care about what people talk about you, but do care about what you give them to talk." Well both of them were so involved in each other that they were unaware of the world, they found new friends in each other.
One day after classes, i saw the guy rushing towards the girl. He came to her and told her all about his feeling for her. He was so in love, i can still feel dat. The warmth of every single words coming from his heart, was so real. He was so into her that was not able to think about something else at that time. Even the girl was madly in love with this guy, he was her world, her life, her heartbeat, her everything.

But one thing which hurted me most and I found it strange, was, that they both were in love,the guy did pour out his heart to the girl.... but as few days passed on he suddenly started acting strange.
One day when the girl couldn't take it any-more she went to the guy and asked him where does she stand in his life. He didn't reply to her. He said nothing and left. Was it so neccessary to leave it unspoken? or Is it so mutual to even express? I didn't understand that time.

Days passed, the girl waited for her answer. She wanted to know all about his feelings but he was not ready to say a single word. After some time I found out that this guy with calm face and cute smile, was already in love with someone else and couldn't break that other girl's heart. And the sudden expression of the feelings of this first girl, put him in a wierd situation. Neither he wanted to hurt any of them nor he wanted to loose any of them.
I cant understand.... is it possible to love 2 people at the same time and was it love actually??
I still don't know.

He didn't came to attend his classes for the next 2-3 days. During those missing days, I missed that shining smile on the girls face. I silently watched each and everything, taking place between them. I don't know about others present in that room, but I was surely the eye witness of their friendship, love, sorrow and every other emotion.
After 2-3 days, the guy came to the class. He looked silent and calm as usual. The girl was sitting at the corner of the room silently but I saw a strange change in her mood. She looked so desperate to talk to him. I saw the feelings in her eyes like she wanted to hold him in her arms and never let him go any where.
At the mean time I saw the sorry feelings in the boy's eyes like he was blaming himself for whatever happened to this girl without even knowing the reason. But he had planned something else for her. He came near her and held her hands. She looked surprised or rather say shocked. He holded his hand up and said " I don't want you to go. I want you to be with me forever." and tear rolled down his cheek. She was suprised by what he just said and in anticipation she hugged him tightly and cried her heart out like she way saying " Don't worry swetheart, I am not going anywhere. I'll be by your side." With this sweet girl, i was crying too...I don't know why..

Time passed, they started talking and treating each other like they are so in love with each other, but at every prospect the guy compares this girl to that other girl whom he loves. Now at this point, he was in love with two people at the same time.
Was he loyal to any of them?

Was he really in love with any of them or both of them?

I left the classes and the story as well. I dont' know the end and my questions left unanswered. I don't know if I ever get to know the end or the answers, but one thing which I know is , they both cared a lot for each other and there was some thing more than just freindship.

I don't know what it was Illusion or Love, doesn't matter, but there was something....


Jyoti Mishra said...

This is what happens " Confusion" when friendship and love mixes. Its queer but very normal.

Nice read though !!

rivercat said...

yes, i loved reading this. well done :)
Crying With A Sense Of Human

Madhulika said...

@ Jyoti: Thanx a lot dear..!! keep in touch :)

Madhulika said...

@rivercat: Thanks..!! and you too have a lovely blog :)
looking forward to some more great articles by you..!! keep writing..!! :)

Maggie May said...

I don't think it possible to REALLY love two people at once. If it was real love then he wouldn't have wanted to hurt the first girl. He should have finished one relationship as soon as he realised what was happening.
Thank you so much for your comment, I value it very much.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Pat Hatt said...

Yeah he was just playing the field, one had something the other didn't and vice versa. So he could get what he wanted from each one, until he realized it wasn't going to last. Then out comes the friends card or "I dumped the other one", when really he didn't and the lies start all over again. I know I'm a pessimist, but oh well.

Can you love two people, sure. Is it real heart and soul type stuff, nope. Just certain ummm parts..haha...wanting to fill an urge.

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

I think you CAN love two people at once BUT is it fair? I don't think so. It is really a selfish thing.

Madhulika said...

@Jill: yeah.. may be you can love two people at a time.. but even i feel the same that its selfish..!! i guess the guy was just making the girl a fool.. i feel sorry for her..

Madhulika said...

@Pat Hatt: may be your are a pessimist but i really agree with your point. i guess the guy had been a real jerk... but even then i cant deny the fact that he loved the 2nd girl as well...

Madhulika said...

@Maggie May: i totally agree with you..!!
and i am glad that you liked my comment..!! :)

adeerlin said...

nice to read ur post,, follow u to,, Ticker

Madhulika said...

@adeerlin: Thanks... and i followed you back :) :)

cutie patootie said...

I think this is not unusual because human in nature needs someone to be attached to and someone to be committed to. It is not the guy nor the girl's fault if they have this mixed emotions going on.. love is tested by time so i think it is immature for the guy to say who he really want to spend the rest of his life. He just have to let the love he has for the 2 girls grow.. and decide in the right time and place.:)


Mrsupole said...

Hi Madhulika,

Nice to meet you and thank you for following my blog.

I have heard of studies that say there are thousands of people out there that we can each choose from to love. When one looks up the definition of love you see that some of the definitions of love are "tender, passionate affection, strong personal liking". I would think with those definitions one could "love" many people and many things.

I personally think that what one feels when they first see each other is "lust". I think what is considered true love takes a lifetime to build up. There are so many components to true love.

When one chooses to make a commitment to one person such as in a marriage and then finds someone else that they "love" just as much, well that new person is usually called a "mistress". And some men can have many mistresses during their life. I think that it all falls back into the category of lust.

If someone truly loves another person above and beyond anyone else and then finds themselves in "lust" with another person, it is up to their own self respect on whether they choose to act upon those feelings or not. If they act upon them then they show dishonor to their selves but mostly they show dishonor to the person they profess to love above all others.

I have no respect for those who act upon these feelings of lust because of all the hurt they cause to their loved ones and all involved.

Life is about the choices one makes. One is taught to choose between right and wrong. The majority of us always try to choose what is the right thing to do and then sadly there are times we will choose the wrong thing. We can all only try our best and that is all we can ask of each other,but there are certain things that one surely knows is wrong, and cheating on ones mate is one of those times.

That is why I have no respect for those who knowingly do something wrong and willingly hurts those they love. I am not saying they are not good people, I am mostly just saying I feel sorry for all who they hurt and it is a very sad choice they make in their life.

And yes, the boy had to make a choice. He chose the cowardly way out. Choosing to give hope and dreams to each woman when he should just choose one and let the other one move on with her life. Sadly both women will always carry a little mistrust in their life and rightly so, but one of them should be strong enough to tell the scuzbucket to go take a hike and then find someone who is worthy of their love.

Yes, life is about choices. Choose wisely.

God bless.

PS...I hope this helps.

Prateek said...

Love, ah! It's pretty confusing. Rational and irrational thoughts intercepts each other.

The Dreamer said...

Hello dear! Thank you for dropping by my blog. I'm glad you enjoy the posts :) You write wonderfully yourself.

Ayushi B said...

Heya :) Nice post :)
Yours is the first blog I stumbled upon today and it's totally worth the time I spent here :)
Happy blogging :)

Reiki said...

Love is felt in so many ways at so many different levels. I think they both felt love. It was a really interesting post.
Thanks for sharing

dhruv solanki said...

i don't think anybody can answer the questions you raised.....bcz that's what love is all hate that person and falls for her ........sometimes you love someone truly, madly deeply but she don't even knows that you even exist on this planet...sometimes you denies someones proposal and break someone's heart,,,,and sometime you have tears welling up in your eyes........what basically m trying to say is that love does't have any boundaries,it is makes u do crazy things you can never expected from yourselves and in my personal opinion it doesn't have any you can't fell for two.....

a very beautifully penned it

SK said...

Nice read..

deathcupid said...

well itz juz that in love relationship there will be always someone hurting

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