Sunday, June 26, 2011

Loving - Unconditionally

I know that I am tough to handle. I have terrible mood swings and it's hard to tell what I'm thinking. It appears that I'm very transparent to some but for the people dear to me and who really knows me, there is more to me that meets the eye. And eventhough I 'm hurting them in the process of fighting my own personal monsters, one important thing that I'm learning from these people - unconditional love.

Loving genuinely. Loving without the need to hurt me back. Loving with pure acceptance. Loving even if they are in pain. Loving and taking no accounts of my faults. Loving me with all my imperfections.

At the end of the day, I can only ask for forgiveness for the heartaches that I've caused and a desire to be better for the people that loved me the most.


nishantky said...

just one line ""Yes at times you were tough to handle "" but i just guess i have been doing it for so long that i had started learning the tricks to do
it with ease .

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