Friday, June 17, 2011

My dad, My hero

Everyone has a special relationship with his or her parents. All the stories speak of amazing dads who've been the bedrock of their kids' lives. I have a similar feeling to share.

While I'm an out-and-out Mommy's girl, I can say for sure that my relationship with my father goes deeper than my relationship with my mother sometimes. For one, we're made from the same fabric and when I find myself reacting the way he does I realize the reason why people have children -- so that they can leave a part of themselves around even after they're gone.

My father has always been my guardian... he became my guardian angel when I was born. When I opened my eyes the first man I saw was my Dad. Handsome, proud, happy and so gentle! In the last 21 years, nothing has changed -- neither the way I look up to him nor the way he looks at me.

My dad has always been an epitome of all that a man should be...compassionate, tough, strong, gentle, firm, decisive, understanding and above all a man of values.
I love to be with my dad; he is the one with whom I have play-fights, laugh, joke, study and hold his hands whenever I go out (even today in my early twenties...!)

Being the only girl child I was always pampered, encouraged to take up challenges. He has always supported me. As a kid I used to copy all his habits be it the way he brushed or the way he walked. We used to have play-fights whenever he would come back from work. He always gave me the best of everything without me asking for it.
He always encouraged a scientific outlook towards life, inculcated the habit of reading amongst my elder brother and me. He is a strict disciplinarian, a loving husband to my mom and a caring son to his parents. He is a workaholic, but ensures to be with us at the end of the day. The time and holidays spent with him are the best times of our lives.

My relationship with him is sweet and sour. We are the best of friends and the worst of enemies. We have several arguments, which ends only when one of us would get up and leave. Despite it all, I distinctly remember that if I felt afraid at night, I could always count on him to make me feel better (even in my late teens!).

As a kid, he would tuck me in his arms, and trust me. Nothing felt safer than that. I also remember waking up in the middle of night once while at my relative's place, and despite my mom being there, I woke him up. He quickly warmed some milk for me to drink.
Whenever mom would take bhaiya and me to our grandma's place each year during summer breaks in school, I would leave a note for him asking him to take care of himself and to come pick us up from railway station when we would be back.
I would feel sad about leaving him alone. However, on our train journey back from grandma's place, I would perch near the window of the compartment and look for him eagerly amongst the crowds. Upon spotting him, I would feel a big rush of joy and I would tell mom excitedly that dad was there to pick us up. It would light up my mom's face, and then a joyous reunion would follow.

As a child I remember always roaming around in my daddy's arms being carried by him either on his shoulders or in his arms.
I used to have ‘the time of my life’... a bird's eye view of all that one could see while being on the best seat available ... my dad's firm and strong shoulder!
Today I strive to be the strength of his shoulders because I am proud to be my dad's daughter.
Love you dad... and wish you a very happy father’s day on this year’s father’s day (19th June in India).

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Kathir said...

best of your article, this is best because its true feeling that comes from you about your father relationship. I am happy that you had a great father. Hope everyone who reads this will realize their father.

Happy Fathers day all Fathers!..


Madhulika said...

@Kathir: Thank You so much for your wonderful comment..!!

Jyoti Mishra said...

best expressions... so beautiful is the relation we share with our fathers :D
Even today I love to yell
MY Daddy Strongest !!!!

Madhulika said...

@Jyoti Mishra: Dad is the best thing that happens in our lives. I am glad you have a wonderful dad and so do i... :D


Anil Choudhary said...

that is nice to read and i feel the emotion that you feel:)!!. He is the only one in our life, who make us happy, proud, cheerful, optimistic.

so cheers for that!@@!!

Don't hurt him with your decisions..

Thanks Madhu for that wonderful article.

Madhulika said...

@Anil Choudhary: You are welcome..!!! I am glad that you liked it...

Dads just rocks..!!! I love my dad :)

Chaitanya said...

Great work :) .....Right from the bottom of your heart!!!

At a younger age people tend to misinterpret their dads as conservative and old fashioned.... but at a later part of life, they realize it was very appropriate and was for the good :).

Happy Fathers day!!

Madhulika said...

@Chaitanya: Thank You so much..!!

divyanshu said...

Very Nice... Straight from a daughter's heart :)

Madhulika said...

@Divyanshu: Thanks a lot :D

Vishakha said...

Having read the article i feel delighted to see a wonderful father-daughter bond! You truly bring out the depth of your feelings through your blogs and this ain't any exception .

Madhulika... Daddy's little girl ! :)

Happy Father's Day !!

Madhulika said...

@Vishkha: thank you so much for our energetic complement. Its always great to get feedbacks from you on my blogs..!!

Happy Father's Day..!!

Cheers n hugs..!!!

Ankush Negi said...

Really, the best article i have ever read on Father's day.Your father is lucky to have such a caring and loving daughter.
God bless you..
keep smiling

Madhulika said...

@Ankush Negi: thank you..!!! its one of the nicest compliments I ever got..!!! :)

Happy Father's Day..!!!


nishantky said...

good one ,

last line says "stop by and drop a world".
Please check it out.

The feel factor was good" PAR ITNA JHUT "nahi bola karte bachi .harmesha to ladte hi rahti hain.

Madhulika said...

@Nishantky: Thanks for pointing out the mistake bhaiya..!! i rectified it :)
by the way.. i mentioned in my post that we fight a lot.. we have a sweet and sour relation... yet i love him :)

AJAY said...

@Nishant : Bachi ne sahi likh tha,a word may be small to describe the relationship,rather drop the WORLD to explain.But pata nahi bachi ne likhi to achi hai, par tarif nahi nikal rahi.

Ashu said...

It really touched my is most desirble gift which ur dad can ever expect from you( a great daughter of her)on father's day..!!

Bintang Kecil said...

Love him so much...

Dan Gurney said...

I enjoyed your tribute to your father. The love you share really shines through!

Madhulika said...

@Bintang Kecil: same here..!! love him sooooooooo much :) :)

Madhulika said...

@Dan Gurney: Thanks a lot for your compliment..!!

SATVIKI said...

Thanks for checking out my blog: where I tried to pay a small tribute to my Dad.
What a classic article you have conceived.Great.Itz feels nice to see people like you coming forward and commenting on a a subject that we have started to forget these days.God Bless you.

Phanideep Sanjan said...

I just visited your blog by mistake ...! Now I realise it isn't a mistake :) ...I don't have time to read the article now (though bookmarked it :P)...but what impressed me was the title and the pic with your dad ! That's enough to understand I guess :) - Visit me back

- Phanideep Sanjan @

nishantky said...

yup its true that for many things I might say PAPA aisa/e ,waise but i have imbibed many habits of dad and why shoudn't I .I mean he is My Dad after All.

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