Sunday, June 12, 2011

What Will You Do When You Ran Out Of Ideas???

I often end up sitting in front of my desk doing nothing but staring at this monitor. Wanna start making something that would rock my world, not the whole world, but atleast mine... and still I can’t, i don’t even have the ability to impress my self, because I am out of idea, what am i supposed to do now? cause i’m stuck doing nothing.. :(

Have you ever thought about the times that passed and you think that you have not done anything yet? or you feel like you are never going anywhere?
well... That is how i feel right now, everything seems like nothing. Everything go to waste, there’s no real results. All I did end up somewhere along the line, yielding something. I don’t have any idea, why am I stagnant, still standing on a same place, same point.

I've made enough of "to do list" for myself... but there’s nothing like I wanted, it was over neglected. Frankly I’m very frustrated by this, I want to immediately change for the better.

Yesterday I found in a self-improvement book, that one key to success is consistency. It is very important, and already proven. An example of consistency is 'abrasion'. Day after day, the waves pound the rocks without a break, and over time, the rock is pulverized into sand. If only the waves would have the same feeling as mine, maybe there would be no broken coral.

I am really tired and demoralized right now..!! I guess I need a long break with people I love... because this tension and pressure is eating a part of me... and may be within a few days there wouldn't be any part of me left to be eaten up :(


bond007 said...

great yaar...really , i also told you that u r different from others ...u r charming and lovely....@Anuj.

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